Oculus Quest 2 Gafas De Realidad Virtual Todo En Uno 256 Gb

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$ 1.712.000

Oculus Quest 2 es nuestro sistema de realidad virtual todo en uno más avanzado hasta el momento. Cada detalle ha sido diseñado para que los mundos virtuales se adapten a tus movimientos, permitiéndote explorar juegos y experiencias impresionantes con una libertad sin igual.



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New Year, New Skin

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  1. ThemeNectar

    I was disappointed in the overall weight of the product. It made my skin a bit oily and I definitely felt like I needed to wash it off after a few hours. It did provide a decent plump to my skin, but I don’t think I’ll be buying it again. The fragrance could also use some work.

  2. ThemeNectar

    Simply amazing!

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